School and Kindergarten Fees

The following details the various fees for our school, kinder and playgroup.

Enrolment Processing Fee

$ 75.00

This is a once off payment that covers enrolment at any stage from 3 year old kinder through to school.

2015 Fees – Per Child, Per Term

Pre-School Term Fees


2 hours per week for one child family           $ 100.00

Per extra playgroup child – older than 2        $  20.00

Ring A Rosie        3 hours per week       $ 310.00

                            6 hours per week       $620.00  (Full days available on request)

Kindergarten       15 hours / 2.5 days per week    $ 840.00

                            18 hours / 3 days per week       $1,010.00

                            21 hours / 3.5 days per week    $1,180.00

                            24 hours / 4  days per week     $1,350.00

The Government offers a fee subsidy  for kindergarten families with a health care card. The amount is determined each year, and will  equate  to at least $340 off  each term fee rate.   Copies of Health Care Cards must be lodged at the office in February or July  to be eligible for the school fee discount.  


School fees  per  term

Prep  –  Class 2   (including Eurythmy)                                  $   915.00       

Class 3  –  Class 6 (including Music and Eurythmy)                $ 1,130.00   

Annual Student Resources fee                                              $   360.00


The annual student resources fee will be included on the Term 1 fees invoice.  This payment covers the cost of all the essential school materials for each child.   

Sibling Discount Fee reduction rate: (SCHOOL ONLY)


Second child

Third child

Fourth child

% of discount





This sibling discount policy relates to Term fees only and assists families with more than one child attending the school, while maintaining sustainable income levels for the school.  Enrolment and the Student Resource Fees are payable at full rate.  Eurythmy and Music are also excluded from the discount.

Parent Garden Participation Scheme

Parents have the choice to participate in helping maintain the grounds of the school and kindergarten for eight hours per family over the year, or pay  a subsidy of $120.00.  Working Bees are held each term or parents are welcome to participate at any time. 

Othe Fees/Costs

In addition to tuition fees, parents can expect to pay for the following items:


Class 1 – $90 (approx).   The recorders belong to the child and remain at the school until the child leaves.


Classes 3-5  –  $300 (approx)

Class 6 camp  – $450 (approx)

Stringed Instrument

Class 3 and upwards, children will need to own an instrument, either a violin or cello. Prices range from $200 upwards.


Classes 2-6 $85 (approx).


Note: These charges are approximate only. Details will be forwarded and added to invoices.